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Greece woman authors book about surviving Nazi Germany as a young American girl | News

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Greece woman authors book about surviving Nazi Germany as a young American girl
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Greece woman authors book about surviving Nazi Germany as a young American girl

When the Allied bombs dropped on Nazi Germany there was a young American girl hiding in a bomb shelter, praying to go home.

You'll find links to her new book "Queen of the Bremen" below

This is an amazing survival story we knew we had to tell you today. Five-year-old Marlies (Adams) DiFante found herself trapped in war torn Germany with her family. The next six years of her life were a battle just to stay alive.

The story starts so innocently. Marlies was going to Germany with her mother, father and brother to visit their relatives. But it was summer 1939.
They had no idea how terrible their timing was.

"Going across the ocean seeing all the fish and the whales, for us it was exciting," Marlies DiFante told us from her patio at her home in Greece.

But two weeks after she and her family arrived in Germany the order came that every American was to leave. But because Marlies' mother was very pregnant, the ship's captain said she couldn't get back on.

"My father and brother and I could have gotten on board, but my father said I'm not leaving my wife here alone," DiFante said.

It was a fateful decision.

"Two weeks later Hitler declared war and closed all ports," she said.

Marlies' father was force to work in the Opel factory -- making bombs and tanks. Because they were American citizens, Marlies' family's rations were cut in half. The only thing that saved them from a concentration camp was that Marlies' father served in the German Army in the First World War and won the Iron Cross.

But that didn't feed them and it didn't protect them from the allied bombs.

"That is something I don't want to see anyone go through," she said. "I mean if you think of a bad thunder storm, it's like a picnic compared to a bombing."

In 1945, Marlies was freed and saved by American GI's. After a year of interrogation by the FBI to see if they were Nazi's, she and her family were allowed to sail back to her old home with a new appreciation. 

"The whole world, there's no place like here. For me? At least I believe that," DiFante said. "I died and went to heaven when I came here."

The homecoming wasn't that easy.

Marlies' book talks about how her mother wasn't allowed to return for another year because she was a German citizen. And there was the constant suspicion against a family that lived in Germany during the war.

They didn't have much choice.

Click here to find the link to Marlies Adams DiFante's book "Queen of the Bremen" on Amazon.com.

Click here to find the link to the book on the iuniverse bookstore.

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