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Greece Police officer shoots dog scaring kids on Halloween night | News

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Greece Police officer shoots dog scaring kids on Halloween night

Trick-or-treaters in a Greece neighborhood may have thought their costumes were scary for Halloween but something else was scarier -- a 100-pound Rottweiler on the loose. The dog was eventually shot and killed by a Greece Police officer.

Neighbors on Kinmont Drive called police at about 6:30 p.m. Monday to report a dog growling at neighborhood kids out trick or treating. The dog was a Rottweiler.

"I saw a lot of cop cars outside and I heard a shot. I heard the dog yell, whine, and then I heard two more shots and then it was dead quiet," said Dennis Maksimchuk, the brother of the dog's owner who was out of town. Maksimchuk said he ran outside and a neighbor told him police shot their dog.

"And then I heard her say they shot Puma. That's the dog's name, Puma. It's a 100-pound Rottweiler. So I went to the backyard and she's not connected to the chain."

Greece Police Captain Steve Chatterton said, "The call we got was the dog was scaring the children and chasing the children."

Police called for animal control hoping to capture the dog as a neighbor was trying to protect the kids.

Captain Chatterton said, "The second officer had responded by that time and he yelled to the gentlemen to get the kids into the house and try to distract the dog. And at that point the dog stopped chasing the man and the kids and turned and eventually ran at the officer. And the officer fired two shots."

One neighbor witnessed the officer shoot the Rottweiler and says he's seen the dog loose before. Jerry Niemi said, "There was nothing he could do I guess. It was a tough situation. A dog loose, a large dog acting aggressively I guess. I think the neighbors called someone up the street to keep the kids away because they were being chased by the dog."

Maksimchuk said, "The neighbors know that dog was the nicest dog. The reason it was running from group to group is because he wanted to meet everybody. It was really a nice dog. It's a big dog. I could see why he (the officer) got scared but it was a nice dog. It wouldn't hurt him."

Captain Chatterton said "Some type of action had to be taken. We couldn't let the dog run loose and perhaps bite a young child coming up to trick or treat and also it's important to note that the officer was less than five feet away from that dog when it charged at him, when he fired the shots."

The owner's brother says they're not sure how the dog out of his chain.

Greece police say this is the first menacing dog they've had to shoot since 2006.


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