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Jury finds Greece daycare provider guilty of injuring a baby | Crime

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Jury finds Greece daycare provider guilty of injuring a baby

A jury found a Greece daycare provider, accused of seriously injuring an infant, guilty of reckless assault. 

Tina Sardisco and her family broke into tears as the verdict was read late Monday afternoon. Sardisco caused a serious brain injury to an infant she was babysitting in May of 2011.

The prosecution says Sardisco violently and deliberately shocked the baby. To prove the case, the prosecution called doctors to the stand who testified only three things could’ve caused this kind of injury; shaking a baby, a serious car accident, or a head crush, which would be like a 400 pound television falling on the babies head.

The baby had severe brain bleeding and an optical nerve hemorrhage, which means for the baby, she would see a large black dot in the center of her vision and only be able to see out of the side.

The defense tried to argue Sardisco was saving the baby, saying she choked on milk and was performed CPR to get her breathing, she admitted she didn’t know how to do CPR on a baby. The prosecution says the fact the jury only deliberated for about an hour shows how strong the case was.

Sardisco will be sentenced June 5. She faces any where from just probation to 7 years behind bars. The baby is now 17 months old and the family tells News10NBC she is doing great, but they are concerned about how she will develop. Doctors say often times there can be long terms effects with learning and development.


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